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Phase 2

Engage and form parishioners

Be My Witness invites all parishioners to become partners in the New Evangelization using parish-based small groups — a proven way to encounter Christ, reawaken faith, and motivate missionary outreach.

In this second phase, small-group members explore key insights from The Joy of the Gospel and develop the attitudes and behaviors of missionary disciples.

  • Participant books deepen understanding of the call to be evangelizers
  • Companion DVDs present real-life Catholic witness stories and insights on how to be an evangelizer in daily life
  • Scripture and prayer offer a rich spiritual foundation
  • Recommended action steps encourage living and reaching out as Christ’s missionary disciples.

RENEW International trains a dedicated team of lay leaders to invite parishioners and foster small groups.

  • Training and leader guides provide step-by-step direction
  • Downloadable publicity resources support the rollout
  • Available in English and Spanish

Learn more about the Participant Resources.

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