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Participant Resources

Participant Resources

Drawing from the rich insights of evangelization presented in The Joy of the Gospel, these resources engage participants in gaining a full vision of missionary discipleship and moving to empowered action. 

The participant books and DVDs work together seamlessly to highlight the attitudes and behaviors of disciples.


  • Videos and reflections on the call to be evangelizers
  • Gospel passages depicting encounters with Christ
  • Questions to prompt discussion and faith sharing
  • Prayers and music suggestions for spiritually enriching experience
  • Action steps for living as a missionary disciples


Essentials for Small-Group Leaders guides new and experienced leaders in the skills needed to facilitate small groups and provides a practical reference for the process and beyond.

Leading Prayer in Small Groups guides leaders through preparing and leading group prayer.



Witnessing Through Stories of Faith

Participants become confident witnesses by reflecting on the personal stories of everyday Catholics and sharing their own stories of faith.

Watch these short, compelling videos that demonstrate the power of witness and the importance of friends, family, priests, and others on the journey of conversion.